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Sea Turtle Rehabilitation

3 ways cove creek gives back

As the dream of Cove Creek Small Batch Natural Body Care was becoming a reality, we made an early commitment to grow our business with a minimal eco-footprint. We knew we wanted to formulate without chemicals, package our products in environmentally friendly ways, and share a portion of our sales to a meaningful cause that is fun and exciting for our consultants, customers, and employees. As we move through this first year in business, we would like to share how Cove Creek is giving back.

1. With every purchase you become an ambassador for sea turtle rehabilitation

Georgia Sea Turtle CenterYears ago while on a road trip, our family discovered Jekyll Island in Georgia, which has since become a favorite annual destination. Along its 10 miles of beautiful beaches is the birthplace of thousands of baby sea turtles each year. On the Island is the Georgia Sea Turtle Center, a key rehabilitation center for the Atlantic seaboard, where injured sea turtles are cared for until the happy re-entry to their ocean habitat. Over the years our family has adopted sea turtles, added our personalized bricks in the turtle rehab pathway, and have been members of the Jekyll Island Foundation. As a result of robust sales in our first year, Cove Creek is excited to contribute a portion of your purchases to the Georgia Sea Turtle Center as a corporate sponsor. How does it feel to be a sea turtle ambassador?!

2. Our environment is a priority with every packaging decision we make

Environmentally Sensitive PackagingUpon unboxing your first order from Cove Creek, you will discover our intentional choices for packing our products and shipping our orders. Our skincare formulas are bottled in recyclable, ocean- waste and ocean-bound resins wherever possible. You will notice our skincare products do not arrive in individual cardboard boxes. Instead, we carefully wrap each item with kraft tissue paper of 60%-70% recycled content. Your order is protected while en route with the use of undyed Aspen hardwood strands that are 100% natural and biodegradable. And we use shipping cartons that are 200-pound test weight, minimizing replacement shipments for damaged packages that use lighter carton weights. 

3. Incremental improvements for a historic textile factory

The Cove Creek warehouse and distribution center is located inside a 77-year-old brick building in Old Fort, North Carolina, where hosiery was once made. Cove Creek is neighbors with fellow entrepreneurial businesses that have taken space in the past two years, bringing new life and employment to our small town.

Cove Creek adopted 5,000 square feet of the historical space and continues to rehabilitate it for a cleaner and efficient environment. Recent updates included:

  • Renovating our manufacturing and distribution space from floor to ceiling
  • Converting all lighting to LED for energy and cost savings
  • Replaced a 50-year old oil furnace with energy-efficient heating and a/c pumps
Our temperature-controlled environment ensures a stable environment for storing our skincare products before shipment and employee comfort while working.


Thank you for being a part of our journey!

~ The Cove Creek Family

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