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100% Soy Candle - Morning Coffee

There is no better aroma than coffee brewing in the morning.  The smell wakes you up, yet soothes your nerves.  But for those who are not brewing coffee all day long, you can still get this heavenly scent with this candle.

Fragrance Notes:

Top: Coffee
Mid: Hazelnut
Base: Coffee, Sugar

Light up your life with these eco candles.  Long lasting, non-polluting, smokeless, and perfectly scented natural candles.  Everything you want and none of the soot and chemicals in your lungs that you don't want!

100% Soy Wax
Scented only with essential oils and food extracts
Long lasting - 100-120 hours burn time
Wood Wick with crackle effect

Hand poured in the USA

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100% Soy Candle - Morning Coffee
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